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He Who Is A Friend

(The Sadik Series Book 1)

By Love Belvin

Love Belvin’s writing and story telling are already impeccable. He Who Is a Friend amplifies those abilities to the fullest!!! I was on the edge of my seat with this one!!! Although Sadik and Bilan have their flaws and they both have a lot to learn about love and each other, I loved both of their characters. I felt Sadik’s struggle with being loyal to his family while maintaining his independence from them. I felt Bilan’s struggle with wanting to belong somewhere or to someone while not wanting to accept “unnecessary” baggage.

Sadik and Bilan have many layers that have to be pulled back so that they can both have a voice in defining their relationship. They have to learn that relationships are not about control and that they are more about compromise and understanding. Book 1 is the early stages of a relationship that neither of them know how to maintain. Things are revealed, and things that can end Sadik and Bilan are carried out. They have a lot more to go through. But if anyone can bring them to together in a way that makes this journey worth it, it’s definitely Love Bevin!!!

Reviewed by Roslyn J.





By Christina C Jones

They say that in order for something to grow, you have to step outside of your comfort zone.  Christina C. Jones is one of the BEST contemporary romance writers in the game right now.  When she said that Wonder is not a contemporary romance, she was absolutely right.  BUT...stepping out of her comfort zone produced one hell of a story!!! The post apocalyptic background in Wonder will scare you!  Everything people are predicting to happen in our current world, Christina manages to effortlessly make happen in Wonder.  She does an amazing job of making you believe that current events and trends are in the past.  She lures you into a new world and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Wonder gives us two new main characters, Aly and Maddox.  In this "get or get gotten" world, Aly manages to maintain some innocence until people start to mess with someone very important to her...her sister Nadia.  Aly will stop at nothing to make sure that Nadia is safe.  Seeing her innocence and then her bravery, Maddox can't help but make sure that Aly is safe.  These two fall in love during a time when survival is more important than love.  They add light to a dark world. 

I am hoping that Christina continues these "fairy tales" that tell a story OUR way.  I will definitely be collecting each one she writes! 

Reviewed by Roslyn J.


Fortunate (Orphan Series Book 1)

By Dandridge Monroe

 As the synopsis says he’s no Prince Charming and she’s knows Cinderella. And the journey they embark on is definitely not a fairytale. But if Dominick isn’t Prince Charming he’s got to be his cousin because the brother is not only fine but he’s smooth and has the biggest heart. What more could a girl ask for? But Evangeline isn’t here for it, she’s independent, feisty and can definitely hold her own. She has to me all those things and then some because life hasn’t been easy and a man is the last thing she’s interested in and a relationship is definitely out the question…. or is it. But the heart wants what the hear wants.

In her debut novel Dandridge Monroe does an excellent job in weaving this tale of love and heartbreak. I’m so looking forward to the next installment in this series.

Reviewed by Jos-Renee

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