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Heartbreak U

By Johnni Sherri

I knew this story was going to be great because Johnni Sherri is an excellent story teller.  If you haven't read anything by her, you really should. 

These four young ladies (Paris, Asha, Franki, and Hope) in Heartbreak U meet freshman year while attending the same college.  They are all of us.  They are at a time in their lives where they are trying to figure it out.  They don't really have great role models, so they are on their own trying to navigate through life.  Some of their decisions are decisions we all have had to make.  Each of these young ladies are hurting and they are willing to do almost anything to mask their hurt.

I enjoyed Heartbreak U from the very beginning.  I loved every character and every storyline.  The storylines were relatable and believable.  Johnni's writing is on point and you felt each character's emotion.  Heartbreak U does end with a cliffhanger, but it only made me excited about part 2!! I definitely will be reading and I can't wait!!

Reviewed by Roslyn J.





By Christina C Jones

Haunted introduced me to the paranormal romance genre and Coveted made me a believer! This book is HOT! HOT! HOT! Christina Jones has a mind and an imagination that supersedes brilliance.  Haunted and Coveted have the same characters, but they are totally different stories. 

In Coveted, we are introduced to Ancelin and Nasir.  The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts.  Christina does and amazing job of pulling us into Ancelin's "hallucinations."  We see what she sees, and we definitely feel what she feels.    We also feel Nasir's longing to reconnect with what he has lost. The scenes with Ancelin and Nasir are precise, clever, and sometimes very erotic.  Even though Coveted is a novella with a cliffhanger, Christina didn't rush Ancelin and Nasir's story.  Their story is complete.  But just like Haunted introduced us to them, Coveted introduces us to more intriguing characters.

I'm hoping that the characters continue to speak to Christina because I am looking forward to another Eternally Tethered book!

Reviewed by Roslyn J.


He Who Is A Lover

The Sadik Series 2

By Love Belvin

 He Who Is A Lover (The Sadik Series Book 2) is one helluva rollercoaster ride!!!  All through it, I asked myself: Do I like Bilan? Do I Like Sadik? By the end of the story, my answer was, "YES!"  I would describe "Bilik" as two people that weren't meant to be, but they just happened.  As with book one, the chemistry is still here in book two.  The desire is still here.  The crazy emotions are still here.  We see the ultra-alpha, Sadik, becoming a little vulnerable.   We see Bilan becoming a little more vocal with her feelings.  But Sadik and Bilan's conflict still remains: How can they forget the sins of the past to become one?  How can they be lovers when they aren't really supposed to be friends?

As always, Love Belvin uses her Pen to create a love story that has many layers.  But because of who she is and the gift that she has, she peels back those layers in a way that leaves her readers in awe.  When Sadik and Bilan have true intimate moments, you almost forget that they are supposed to be enemies.  Whether these moments are with each other or if one person is thinking about the other, Love shows us that Sadik and Bilan can work if they work together. She is able to flawlessly build a love story in the midst of their chaos.

He Who Is A Lover is the perfect balance of "business" and pleasure.  In my opinion, "Underworld Sadik" doesn't overshadow "Lover Sadik."  I feel as if he's trying to use one influence to enhance the other.  I can't wait to see how it all ends!!  I need to see if my theories are correct!!

Reviewed by Roslyn J.

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