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Series Synopsis:
Kain Montgomery came from the real world. Not the one Lauren Caplan saw through rose-colored glasses. Being from an affluent community, all Lauren had to worry about was getting good grades in college. However, that's all short lived when she unknowingly, but fortunately runs into Kain. The treacherous journey that unfolds not only leads to a promising coupling, but a series of events that seeks to leave no one unscathed!

Book 1: 'When Worlds Collide'
Book 2: ' When Hearts Collide'

In my quest to stave off boredom while on summer vacay, I stumbled across 'When Worlds Collide' written by Millie Belizaire. I had heard her name mentioned in my reader circle and thought I'd give The Collide series a chance. Well, chale what 'EYE' did that for!? When I say my whole life is discombulated; I SHAN'T be able to function!

Just 10% into 'When Worlds Collide' and my book senses were tingly and all fired up! From there, the plot took off into book 2 and I have yet to recover from this literary journey! This is not your average, run-of-the-mill writing: Belizaire weaves a tale that's gritty, intense and just downright suspenseful that leaves you feeling as if you're watching a movie.

The characters are undeniably well written and added so much to the storyline. Kain and Lauren's chemistry is palpable throughout the entire series and you can't help but root for them to make it. Kain is d*mn BAE: Belizaire wrote the hell out of this character! His persona and even his presence was enigmatic and just had me captivated and lusting! Lauren is seen as naive at first glance, but because of Kain, her character development is immense and some big girl panties had to be put on! It's like these two fed off of each other and grew from it. Additionally, each and every side character was developed and had a purpose that aided in plot progression. I fell in love with many of them...and so out of love with others.

The twists and turns of this series will have you wondering if you're in a game of Clue. Belizaire seems to have a knack for suspense and just leaves a trail of breadcrumbs that even when you try to piece it altogether, it's still a mystery!

I haven't been immediately taken with an author's writing style this fast ...well, in a long time. I'm in awe and amazed at her literary talents and I'm looking forward to part 3 of The Collide Series, 'When Souls Collide' which is set to drop July 30th! Heck at this point, I'm one-clicking anything she drops in the future!

Kudos Millie Belizaire!

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