The Girl Have You Met Experience!

So, I’m a little late with this Blog post, my life got a little busy upon my return from Dallas. However, I wrote this while sitting in the airport Sunday morning reflecting on my experience at Girl Have You Met!

24 hours later and I’m still riding high off of Girl Have You Met. Year two was even better than year one….. as it should be, it’s called growth. Christina & Alexandra are doing a wonderful job at expanding the Black Romance Movement (can I call it a movement 😬) oh well I just did lol. I’m always moved to excitement when I’m in a room with my favorite authors, I’m learning not go all “Fan Girl” on them but I can’t help it, their all my favorite because they are black women following their purpose & passion. Some have become true friends of mine who I cherish and respect to the utmost.  

As an educator I encourage my students to do what makes them happy, to think about their future and set goals for themselves. So, it does my heart good to see these women doing just that and doing it unapologetically, writing the stories they want to tell.

I’m also humbled when they say, “if it wasn’t for you” and I’m like “Me”?? I didn’t do! But I get it, it’s my passion to see African American Indie Authors do great things, write great stories and succeed in this Indie world, so if I gotta do events all over the world (well maybe not the world but you get the gist) than that’s what I’m gonna do.

I want to urge you to participate & support these events, they are truly an awesome experience!



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