Falling In Love With A Novel

     Have you ever read a book that made you want to fall in love? I’m currently reading such a book. Not even at 25% and I’m smiling and giggling at what’s transpiring between the couple. I already love them together and hope that whatever tragedy or drama the author puts them through, that they not only survive but it makes them stronger. Lol, that’s crazy that a book could evoke such emotions, that’s the beauty of reading. Reading a well written book allows you to escape into world of fantasy, although many times the art represents some form of true life, it’s just a wonderful feeling to watch love grow through the words of a novel. 

It also speaks a lot of the talent that so many authors have, the gift of writing a story that evokes so many emotions. The gift to spin a tale that makes you want to fall in love (for us single girls) or at least give it a try again lol. Pure awesomeness, can you tell I'm really loving this story? Yeap I definitely am!

I’ll share the author and review soon, I’m sure it’s gonna be a five star because the visuals alone garners it five stars or more.

Joslyn Marks